Excessive Talking In Children And Adults

Excessive talking, both in youngsters and adults is usually due to a disorder, sometimes curable, sometimes not. Excessive talking is not to be confused with rapid and seemingly excessive talking what one is excited and just can't get the words out fast enough. This is a temporary situation, which from a social standpoint, is quite harmless. We all experience it from time to time, even those who are generally regarded as people of few words.

Some children are guilty of excessive talking, though it can sometimes be hard to discern what is normal and what is not. Infants will often talk excessively when first learning to speak, which is understandable. Almost all children have shorter attention spans than do adults, some have the attention span of a lightning bolt. Short attention spans can sometimes be accompanied by periods of excessive talking. Most children grow out of this, some do but only under treatment, and a few do not.

Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder - For those who do not grow out of the condition, referred to as Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD, some times called an Excessive Talking Disorder when that is the primary symptom, their excessive talking can present a number of problems. No one particularly likes to be referred to as a "motor-mouth" or a "non-stop talker", yet they can be exactly that. While some people have much to say of value, excessive talkers usually do not. They talk either because they can't help it (it can be a true disorder), or because they simply love to hear themselves talk, a disorder of quite another kind.

Excessive talkers can sometimes get along well with one another, probably because neither is paying much attention to what the other is saying. For those with normal speaking habits however, excessive talking often borders on being socially unacceptable. We are brought up to be attentive to what others are saying, to speak mainly when spoken to, while at the same time hoping that when we do talk, we sound intelligent and say the right things in as few words as possible.

Excessive talking, when part of the AHDH syndrome, can lead to real problems, both when as a child and as an adult. An attention deficiency often translates into an inability to understand or follow instructions. The very act of learning can be seriously impeded, and the afflicted person may be unable to concentrate on those things where concentration is vital to success. AHDH is not something brought about by the culture we live in. It is biologically-based and generally considered to be incurable, though fortunately it can usually be treated to where it becomes manageable.

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder - While some adults suffer from ADHD, those who persist in excessive talking are more apt to be victims of another type of disorder, the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder - OCPD. Not all of those with OCPD are excessive talkers, it is just one of the symptoms. You can usually spot those with the disorder as they tend to be preoccupied with perfectionism and orderliness, pay excessive attention to detail, and are most comfortable in an environment where there are rules to follow, schedules to meet, and an organizational structure in which they know their place.

The drive for perfectionism often results in such individuals being unable to complete certain assigned tasks, or being unable to follow rules which don't conform to their own strict standards. Some who suffer form OCPD are extremely introverted, living in their own carefully regulated and orderly world. Others on the other hand can be quite extroverted. These are the attention seekers, the ones who need to be in a crowd, and who often over-dramatize any and every situation. It is from among this group that excessive talking is apt to be one of the more noticeable symptoms.

An Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorders like ADHD, if not always curable, is usually treatable. Some of the behaviors exhibited have a good side to them when these behaviors can be correctly channeled. There are many activities in which paying greater than normal attention to detail can be a definite plus, and those with a short attention span often find a place in activities demanding creativity and thinking outside the box. As far as excessive talking is concerned, it is best that it be treated, although there are occasional openings for stand up comics and radio talk show hosts.

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